Interiors Specialist Uses Jascar For Inward International Delivery

Jascar Arrange Carriage Of Luxury Wall Coverings For Stereo Interiors

Stereo Interiors renown and dedicated supplier of high quality interiors for a range of clients, needed to arrange a special inward delivery from their European based manufacturer to the UK.

The consignment from their partner consisted of 2 pallets carrying 500 kg of product and split into 50+ items and needed to be dispatched to 2 delivery sites in the UK: one for their warehouse and one to their client’s renovation project in Central London.

Once a date was outlined for delivery to tie in with renovation schedule the consignment was picked up and delivered to the 2 sites within 48 hours.

Jascar can arrange safe carriage from an overseas manufacturer to the UK with due responsibility, at a reasonable price bringing peace of mind to the client. Jascar’s fleet and network has the ability to work with each client’s inward transportation needs on single and multi-use arrangements.

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