Transport Your Legal Documents With Jascar's Assured Next Day Service

When your paperwork just needs to get there on time

In today’s legal world large amounts of signed paperwork and hard copy is still required to be sent that cannot be transferred electronically. For many organisations in the legal, health and safety, insurance, governmental, accountancy and travel sectors, a courier service of assurance with complete confidentiality is required. Due respect and security is needed for each consignment with assurance of delivery too that is usually confirmed with a signed proof of delivery.

The regular sending of documents like sales contracts, employment contracts, health & safety audits, insurance documents, accountancy statements, travel documents, payments and journalistic material need a trusted partner to pick up and transport to required addresses in UK and worldwide.

Many network couriers are uncompetitive on the collection part of transaction, especially from domestic addresses which can be a headache for many people who work independently from an office location. Collection times from offices too can be limited as often urgent next day delivery needed items are only ready to be picked up late in an afternoon of which misses a courier pick up time. The use of national postal service is fine for small items but means transport to a town / city based office and sending anything over 750g - lever arch file size - becomes considerably more expensive for a recorded delivery service.

Jascar has an established and secured framework to deal with local companies who have a need to send volumes of documents on regular / semi regular basis. Jascar works with clients to be flexible on pick up times and select best transport options to forward your documents. This could include part delivery going to exact or nearby destination or through the most secure and cost effective network for destination and consignment size.

Whether it is for UK, Europe USA or further afield Jascar will arrange the best carriage option for your documents.

If you have requirements for important documents to be sent regularly, contact Jascar to find out most effective a secure way of sending them.

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