Bulk Furbishment Challenge At New English Ballet Centre

Jascar Deliver 10 Tons Of Flooring To New London City Island Site

With the rise in popularity of the dance arts in recent years the attraction to learn and perfect ballet has compelled the English School of Ballet to look for a new purpose built site to accommodate demand.

The chosen site - named London City Island - is quite magnificent in central London on the Leighmouth peninsula where the purpose built building will eventually hold 10 world class studios.

Jascar were chosen by the flooring contractor to help deliver ten tons of their product to the new site that created numerous challenges. Timing and access for deliveries had to be planned to detail to ensure cohesion with the construction schedule of the new site. Arrangements were made via several communications on telephone and email to ascertain time allocations and product release from the manufacturer to get all of the flooring to the site for the contractors to lay upon schedule.

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