Are Your Logistics Plans Ready For Brexit?

Industry Hoping For A Smooth Transition As We Approach Brexit Deadline

Despite the rally in Westminster at the weekend, the dreaded day of 29th March 2019 is just over 5 months away and many people are scratching our heads as to what to expect especially if you regularly trade in Europe.

From this date onwards the free movement of goods, services and labour will be subject to new regulation and as an exporter of goods one will have to make new arrangements. It will be similar as to currently sending a consignment to a destination in North America or the Middle East where the understanding of customs clearing processes will be needed and accompanied with commercial invoice.

This will affect a lot of traders especially where carriage costs and delivery schedules can determine their competitive edge. For bulk transportation extra preparation in packaging maybe needed with expectations of extra time needed for the transit.

You may be sending consignments via your own current logistics set up, you may be dependently using a corporation network like DHL or UPS. For a free consultation on how an international courier network setup can assist your business as we move in to the new relationship with Europe please contact Jascar.