Jascar's Assured Dedicated Delivery Service Is Perfect For Health Supplies

Medical Equipment Transported Safely And Economically With Jascar’s Dedicated Delivery Service

Jascar have worked within the healthcare industry to transport a range of items that can vary in size, weight, urgency and value. Jascar ferry between hospitals, clinics and stores focussing on due care for each shipment that has been entrusted to them to carry. Jascar’s flexibility of service with timing and fleet has proved to be an all round winner with one local healthcare supplier.

Recently a medical analysis machine weighing 20kg+ and needed to be transported to a hospital in the Midlands. Due to the nature of the item, careful carriage needed to be arranged and also insured for its considerable money value. Jascar’s Dedicated Delivery Service was the perfect option compared to using a pallet network provide for carriage and price. Whereas the client would have had to pre packed the consignment for it go on to a pallet, Jascar did this for them. Also, despite being slightly more expensive initially, Jascar’s price included comprehensive Goods In Transit insurance cover whereas an insurance premium would have been pallet network provider that may not fully cover the value of the goods.

Jascar’s Dedicated Delivery Service turned out to be the most economical option.

Do you need to transport machines to UK or Europe safely and economically - try our Dedicated Delivery Service.

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