When Does Your Beautiful Item Become

Jascar give some guidelines on how to send awkward looking items

The multitude of parcels that go through the networks are generally cuboid in appearance which are easily stacked and are can be directed through mechanical frameworks. Naturally this is not always the case especially when delicate or oversized items sometimes need extra care and attention to go through a network. Due to profitability perspectives some networks either apply a substantial surcharge to deliver a consignment or even flatly refuse to take it.

Jascar has worked with all networks in UK and Europe and has a wealth of experience of working with clients who need to transport delicate or oversized items - especially in the interior design and health product markets. To avoid huge surcharges being applied, your item being misplaced or being damaged Jascar can consult and select the best network for your consignment. Due to relationship and volume of business Jascar has with networks they can also give SME or cottage industry type businesses a very competitive alternative than going direct with a network supplier.

Its important to know classifications before sending items as this could result in surcharges, your items being misplaced, being damaged or even delayed. The key things to ascertain are size and packaging:-

Size - anything over 1.2m is classified “oversize” and will be charged as per tariffs which in some cases is nearly 300% higher than standard price. If it is near to to 1.2m it is wise to tighten package to ensure no miscalculation is made once submitted.

Packaging - Its extremely important that your items are secure with an outer casing made from cardboard or wood that protects the contents from potential impact caused in transportation. Items without a proper casing are subject to damage and separation. There should be no open areas in packaging either that may open up further if caught upon other items, these can be rejected transport immediately.

Labelling - Ensure the nature of the contents is clearly marked on outside of package. This offers carrier a better understanding of what is being transported for due care to be given.

Jascar can help with ensuring items are transported through their guidance on packaging, relationship with networks but can also assist with cost effective dedicated deliveries.

If you regularly transport oversized, irregular or delicate items Jascar can assist with your carriage needs. Contact Jascar now on 01892 750009 email: ops@jascarlogistics.com